Past Events

Past Events

Event 3 (07-16-21): WiCyS Cross-Chapter Collaboration Social Event

Pictures from Event

Various leaders from different WiCyS chapters around the country met and planned a social event that around 20 members from the different chapters attended. At this event, the members played a game of broken telephone (cybersecurity style) and got the chance to form connections and bonds with one another. This event was held over Zoom.

Picture taken during the planning stage of the event:

Picture taken towards the end of the social event:

Event 2 (03-24-21): Case Study

Case Study
Video Example

This event was a presentation of a case study given by one of the chapter leaders, Christina Varano. This case study was about Lenovo, a computer company, and their preinstalled adware, Superfish. This case study was an example of a “Man in the Middle Attack” and the presentation addressed various ways in which a user can avoid a Man in the Middle Attack.

Christina gave a presentation on "Man in the Middle Attacks":
• Discussed case study on Lenovo computers and Superfish and how to avoid situations like this  
• Christina showed an example of sniffing a wifi network and finding the username and password entered on an unsecured website through this sniffing process 
• Wireshark was used and (fake unsecured bank account website) (username: jsmith, password: Demo1234) 
• Further discussed the importance of secure networks 

"Man in the Middle Attack" example, demonstrated by Christina Varano:

Event 1 (03-31-21): Guest speaker

Guest Speaker
About Event

Guest Speaker: Mel Reyes

Mel Reyes

About Mel Reyes:
• Head of IT and Security at Getaround
• Chief Information Officer
• Application and Cybersecurity Leader
• Board Member
• Startup Advisor
• Speaker 
• Author


      • “Even with all the advancements that we made, security is still needed.” 
      • “A lot of what we are doing now is going to prepare us for all the opportunities for the future.” 
      • “We have to constantly keep learning because if we don’t then we are going to fall behind because advancements are always being made.” 
      • “Networking is extremely important.” 
      • “Once you get a foot in the door, use that as a learning opportunity and network with everyone in the key areas that you want to work in.” 
      • “'Let me know how I can help you' is how you should end your emails with people. You always want to offer your help.” 
      • “Covid has been a challenge but it is opening a lot of opportunities.” 
      • “Don’t rely on your resume being submitted, rely on your resume getting recommended by someone who works there.” 
      • “Write anything and post it on your LinkedIn to help get visibility.” 
      • “In the last year alone, fraud has spiked exponentially and a lot of the boards are learning a hard lesson when it comes to budgeting.” 


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