Meet Our Team

NameDoris Ulysse

Position: President

Major: Information System Security (Cybersecurity)

School Year: 2022

Hobby : Gardening

Why WiCyS: My reason for joining WiCyS  is for these two reasons, career development and building a community of women in cybersecurity.

Currently working: Parish social media coordinator

Name: Samantha Henry

Position: Vice President

Major: Information Technology

School Year: 2024

Hobby: Reading mystery and thriller books.

Why WiCyS: WiCyS empowers women to succeed in cybersecurity and fosters opportunities for women to excel and contribute to the industry.

Name: Kelly Gratereaux

Position: Social Media Coordinator

Major: Cybersecurity

School Year: Graduate student (graduating in 2025)

Hobbies: OSINT, fashion & beauty, true crime

Why WiCyS: I’m proud to be a part of an ambitious, woman-first organization that’s also a sisterhood of women who want to uplift each other and help each other reach professional success.

Name: Genesis Andujar

Position: Administrator

Major: Information Technology, concentration computer forensics

School Year: Sophomore

Hobby: Nature Hiking

Why WiCyS: I choose to join WiCyS to surround myself with other individuals who are passionate about inclusivity in the cybersecurity workforce.

Currently working: I.T Help Desk

Name: Alondra Merino

Position: WiCyS Webmaster

Major: Cybersecurity

School Year: 2024

Hobby: Going on walks, beauty and nails, reading

Why WiCyS: I wanted to find a place where I could connect to other empowering women in the tech field. I wanted to learn from them and teach them anything I learned along the way.

Currently Working: The WiCyS Pace University website

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