The 2024 competition will run from January 18th through April 17th with an award ceremony on April 26th. 

How is this different from other Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions? 

The eCTF is unique in two major ways. First, the focus is on securing embedded systems, which present an entirely new set of challenges and security issues that are not currently covered by traditional CTFs. Second ,this event balances offense and defense by including a significant secure-design phase in addition to an attack phase. This competition will help you develop practical skills that can be applied to securing critical systems such as medical devices, smart grids, IoT devices, and mobile devices.  

What is this year’s challenge? 

Teams will design and implement a supply chain security solution for microcontrollers on a medical device. The system must securely verify the device integrity while keeping sensitive data confidential. 

Who can participate? 

Anyone! Students at all academic levels are welcome to participate. Team sizes are unlimited.  

What is provided by MITRE to help? 

MITRE provides teams with documentation, a reference implementation, embedded hardware, and technical guidance throughout the competition. 

Are there awards? 

Winning teams receive a cash prize, publicity from MITRE, and typically earn accolades from their university as well. Students have used their participation in eCTF to build resumes, present at conferences, and open the door to valuable internship and career opportunities, including engineering positions at MITRE and competition sponsors. 

Up for a challenge? 

For more information, visit, or email us at where your team advisor can register your team. 

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